SJDM Annual Conference 2007

by |November 17th, 2007

November 17, 2007 Society for Judgement and Decision Making Conference, Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty: Empirical Results Long Beach, CA At this conference, three NSF-funded groups, CRED, Climate Decision Making Center at Carnegie Mellon, and Rand Corporation, examined the results of studies on decision making under climate uncertainty and time discounting. The studies show that… read more

Siemens Science Day 2007

by |October 20th, 2007

October 20, 2007 Siemens Science Day New York, New York Siemens Science Day was held at Columbia University on Saturday, Oct 20th. More than 1,300 students, parents and instructors participated in 20-plus workshops and exhibits, taught by Columbia faculty and graduate students, as well as Siemens professionals and specialists. CRED hosted a table where students… read more

Urban Climate Change Research Network International Symposium

by |May 11th, 2007

May 10-11, 2007 Urban Climate Change Network International Research Symposium New York, New York Cities are responsible for 3/4 of the world’s energy consumption, and the world’s largest cities have a critical role to play in the reduction of carbon emissions and the reversal of climate change. Researchers from over 40 world cities convened in… read more

CRED and DDC Team Up for High School Education

by |April 20th, 2007

April 20, 2007 CRED and DDC Team Up for High School Education New York, New York CRED and the Double Discovery Center (DDC) at Columbia University partnered up to teach local high school students from economically disadvantaged areas in New York City about the social science of climate change. DDC was established at Columbia in… read more

AMNH International Polar Exploration Symposium

by |March 11th, 2007

March 10-11, 2007 American Museum of Natural History, International Polar Exploration Symposium New York, NY Why do some people willingly expose themselves to extreme situations? CRED researchers presented information on decision making under uncertainty and weather-related risk attitudes at the American Museum of Natural History‘s International Polar Year Symposium, “New York and Polar Research –… read more

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