Educational Tools & Materials

CRED provides access to educational materials. Education resources are vital to ensure that the next generation is capable of addressing the issues raised by future climate variability and change. Some of CRED’s educational resources are directed toward secondary schools and post-secondary education, and others are intended for project participants, such as farmers.

» Fact & Fiction in The Day After Tomorrow
View this presentation that addresses the scientific accuracy of the film The Day After Tomorrow, produced by students in Columbia’s Climate and Society program in conjunction with CRED.

» Crash Course in Decision Sciences
Sharing insights on decision science with farmers in Argentina (materials in English and Spanish)

» To Pollute or Not to Pollute: A Common Pool Dilemma Game
This activity provides participants the opportunity to examine the thought processes they use to make decisions about the environment.

» Thinking & Decision Making Video Projects
Featured student video projects highlighting selected concepts from the decision sciences

» Glacial Retreat Learning Model
An information processing tool developed by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) in conjunction with CRED