Flagship Papers

Communication and mental processes: Experiential and analytic processing of uncertain climate information
Marx, S.M., Weber, E.U., Orlove, B.S., Leiserowitz, A., Krantz, D.H., Roncoli, C., & Phillips, J. | Global Environmental Change, 17(1), 47-58, 2007-02-01

Environmental citizenship in Latin America. Climate, Intermediate Organizations and Political Subjects
Orlove, B., Taddei, R., Podestá, G., Broad, K. | Latin American Research Review, 46: 115-140, 2011-01-01

Individual values and social goals in environmental decision making
Krantz, D.H., Peterson, N., Arora, P., Milch, K. & Orlove, B. | In Kugler, T., Smith, J.C., Connolly, T., & Son, Y.-J. (Eds.) | Decision Modeling and Behavior in Uncertain and Complex Environments, 21:165-198, 2008-01-01

It’s about time: An integrative approach to effective environmental policy
Hardisty, D. J., Orlove, B., Krantz, D. H., Small, A., & Milch, K. | Global Environmental Change,  2012-06-03

Participatory processes and climate forecast use: sociocultural context, discussion, and consensus
Peterson, N., Broad, K., Orlove, B.S., Roncoli, C., Taddei, R., & Velez, M.A. | Climate and Development, Vol. 2: 14-29, 2010-06-08

Public Understanding of Climate Change in the United States
Weber, E. U., & Stern, P.C. | American Psychologist, Vol. 6, No. 4, 315-328, 2011-06-01