Elke Weber hosts “Webinar: Engaging Global Creative, Entertainment & Advertising in Climate Advocacy”, May 19th


CRED co-director, Elke Weber, will be hosting a webinar with Connect4Climate entitled “Engaging Global Creative, Entertainment & Advertising in Climate Advocacy” on May 19th at 8am EDT.

The webinar will consider the effectiveness of climate movements and campaigns in engaging creative media & entertainment and advertising industries in contributing to climate awareness and action.

Presenters include:

Kenneth Berlin, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project, will discuss a program which they put on every year called 24 Hours of Reality. This year they will be broadcasting live from 6 countries with a hub in NYC. The program will run for 24 Hours and have 24 segments, one for each of the 24 largest countries emitting GHGs.

Lucia Grenna, Program Manager, Connect4Climate (C4C), The World Bank Group will discuss additional activities to engage Media & Entertainment sectors re climate change.

David Astley, Executive Chairman of The Media Alliance will share his organization’s experience of engaging creative industries, media & entertainment, and advertising sectors in the Asia-Pacific region on climate change as an NGO and on behalf of donor and multi-lateral development institutions such as the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Asian Development Bank.

To participate, register here.

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