SJDM Annual Conference 2007

November 17, 2007
Society for Judgement and Decision Making Conference, Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty: Empirical Results
Long Beach, CA

At this conference, three NSF-funded groups, CRED, Climate Decision Making Center at Carnegie Mellon, and Rand Corporation, examined the results of studies on decision making under climate uncertainty and time discounting. The studies show that there are a wide range of opportunities to examine environmental decision making in the context of mitigating global climate change.

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An Introduction to the SJDM-Symposium: Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty: Empirical Results.

David Budescu, Elke Weber, Dave Krantz, 2007: Decision Making Under Climate Uncertainty: Theoretical Issues and Empirical Results.

Robert Lempert, 2007: Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty: Comparison of Robust, Optimum, and Precautionary Approaches. 

David Budescu, 2007: Effects of Presentation Format on Judgements and Decisions Under Deep Uncertainty. 

David Krantz, 2007: Constructed Choice and Discounting of Environmental Goals. 

David Hardisty, Kerry Milch, 2007: Discounting of Environmental Goods and Discounting in Social Contexts.

Howard Kunreuther, Dave Krantz, 2007: Protective Decision Making and Global Warming.

Ben Orlove, 2007: The Influence of Group Discussion on Information Use: Farmers’ Groups, Climate Forecast Dissemination and Agricultural Planning in Uganda