Claudia Schneider


Department of Psychology, Columbia University

Claudia Schneider is a graduate student in Psychology with a background in Neural and Behavioral Sciences as well as International Business. Her research has focused on human decision-making and the neural correlates of choice difficulty which she investigated using fMRI. Through various volunteer work projects in developing countries she developed an interest in cross-cultural, social psychology research related to public health and the environment. Her work at CRED will aim at bridging between the fields of neuroscience and social psychology in both an experimental lab setting as well as in field research. The focus will be on investigating environmental decision making in a cross-cultural and developing country context exploring modes of decision-making and informing theory on choice architecture via fMRI, personality markers, as well as societal, cultural and personal norms.

Claudia received a MS degree in Neural and Behavioral Sciences from the International Max Planck Research School at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen in Germany. She received a BS degree in International Business from Northeastern University.