Adrian Camilleri


Lecturer, RMIT University
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Dr. Adrian Camilleri received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of New South Wales (Australia) in 2011. The topic of Adrian’s dissertation was the psychological mechanisms underpinning experience-based choice. His research has led to a better understanding of how different ways of learning about one’s options – by description or experience – can influence one’s choices. Adrian also earned a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and as part of that experience interned at various workplaces, including The Gallup Organization.

Adrian is interested in how people make decisions under uncertainty, especially when such decisions manifest naturally outside of the lab. Adrian’s research relates to how choice architectures can be arranged to improve environmentally-relevant decisions. One specific target of this project is the design of vehicle fuel efficiency labels. The project has theoretical, empirical, and applied objectives, and will make use of controlled experimental work, discrete choice modeling, and eye tracking technology.