Understanding global perceptions of global warming and climate change

Tien Ming Lee, Tony Leiserowitz
Project Complete

Using a global cross-sectional opinion poll survey carried out by Gallup World Poll, we seek to understand how climate change perceptions vary across cultures and geography. Specifically, we are exploring the following questions. What are the trends of climate change knowledge, awareness, and threat perception across the world? How well can people perceive local temperature change? What predicts and drives people’s climate change awareness and threat perception across space?


Major Findings

  • Disparity in the predictors of awareness and risk perceptions across the world.
  • Wide range of important predictors were identified globally.


Broader Impacts

  • Climate change education and communication programs and policies may need to consider the correlative structure of climate change awareness and threat perception for each country.


CRED1 Award (2005-2010): Funding was provided under the cooperative agreement NSF SES-0345840 awarded to the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.