CRED researchers presented at the Behavioral Decision Research in Management Conference

June 27th-29th, 2012
Behavioral Decision Research in Management Conference

Leeds School of Business in Boulder, Colorado

Presentations by CRED researchers included:
Appelt, K., E. Johnson, M. A. Z. Knoll, and J. E. Westfall: Time to Retire: Why Americans Claim Benefits Early and How to Encourage Delay
Camilleri, A. R., and B. R. Newell: Does the Description-Experience Choice “Gap” Occur in the Long-run? (Poster)
Hardisty, D., S. Frederick, and E. Weber: Dental procedures and movie star kisses: Dread looms larger than savoring
Johnson, E. J., S. A. Atlas, and J. W. Payne: Time Preferences, Mortgage Choice, and Strategic Default
Larrick, R. P., & Soll, J. B.: Combining the Intuitive and Analytic Mind
Ungemach, C., D. Navarro-Martinez, and N. Stewart: Distinguishing theories of risky choice using common choice anomalies and measures of visual attention
Weber, E., K. C. Appelt, and D. J. Hardisty: Asymmetric discounting of gains and losses: A query theory account
Willis, D., G. Treuer, and T. Miron-Shatz: The Impact of Framing Effects on the Decisions of Infectious Disease Experts (Poster)

CRED principal investigators, including Richard Larrick from Duke University and Robert Meyer from the Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania, served as conference program committee members.