Mind and Life XXIII Conference

a picture of Elke Weber with the Dalai Lama

Elke Weber and the Dalai Lama at Mind and Life XXIII Conference in Dharamshala, India

October 17-21, 2011
Mind and Life XXIII Conference

Dharamshala, India
CRED Co-Director Elke Weber met with the Dalai Lama along with other climate, behavioral and environmental scientists and Buddhist scholars to discuss Ecology, Ethics and Interdependence. Participating in a session on “Ethics and Action: The Psychology of Action and Behavior Change”, Elke presented the CRED Communications Guide and also shared impressions from the meeting in a guest postcard entry written with University of Arizona’s Diana Liverman in Andrew Revkin’s NYT Dot Earth blog. Kevin Krajick also covered this event in the EI State of the Planet blog.

For more information, visit the Mind & Life Institute website with the conference overview, list of participants and uploaded recordings.

»Click on video below to watch Session 7 with Elke Weber